In our hurry-up, one-size-fits-all culture, a mother can feel the need to be treated as an individual instead of a number.  This is where the Doula comes in.

You child's birth should be treated as the unrepeatable event that it is! My services help do that.
 I meet once with the mom and her partner, to see if we will work well together, to see if I can fit your needs.

You can opt for in-home Childbirth Education in a 4-hour to 8-hour format, if you wish.

Then, when you are admitted to the hospital in labor, I come and stay with Mom until she delivers the baby, and for 2 hours after, to assist with the initiation of breastfeeding, if desired.

One 2-hour post-partum visit is scheduled after Mom and baby go home, usually within the first 2 weeks.  The purpose is to assist with potential problems, and lend support to the new experience of parenthood.


Initial Doula visit:    $50.00  (non-refundable)

Doula Services:      $700.00  ($800.00  in Northern Virginia)

Optional In-Home Childbirth Education:  $150.00

For the mother who is  having her third or subsequent child, the cost of Doula Services goes down to $500.00, ($600.00 in Northern Virginia), all other fees remaining the same.

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